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Going out

1. Keep to the dress code

I’ll go with a company party, since they are formal events and their is a specific dressing code do not go different and surely not over dressed, but when in doubt you could always go for black but not when it’s an all white party of course ;), and for the heels they’ll surely give you some attention, let them be classy and on point. “simple but elegant

2. A to go snack

If you are a foodie like myself, you don’t wanna embarrass yourself craving for every good food in the party. Personally there is a time when I can’t help it and I choose not to care about the crowd ‘but’ you don’t wanna get in the way of your workmates right :(!!! Eat something before going out, just something slight… I’d always go for noodles or fruits :), with that you will be able to pick what you really crave for and not just anything. “Try it out

3. The face look/ Impression

Here is something not to forget at all whenever you go out, ‘make sure that your lips are never dry’ this is my everyday get to go. I personally would mind talking to a good looking lady with dry/cracked up lips. Other than a simple makeup and some fine expensive lipstick that would last through the party or just a fiiiiine lip gloss be sure to SMILE too 🙂 and keep it “simple but elegant

4. Be yourself

Be flawless by talking about the things you are comfortable with, could be your childhood or a career that your either doing or always wanted to do or just any other thing that is certainly not gonna make the other person uncomfortable, things that you have interest in and not the other way round. Have you ever been in a situation where your talking about movies and everyone keeps on mentioning different movie titles, and you find yourself agreeing that you have watched a certain movie just because you saw the trailer? As they keep talking about it you find yourself in that awkward moment “been there, pheeeew :/”. You most certainly don’t wanna be there when you are talking to someone important or maybe your boss :|, maybe it was the only chance to interact with him/her with something else other than work ‘AWKWAAAAARD’. Keep it ‘simple but elegant

How to behave a t a party


  • Things like makeup/ lipstick/ lip gloss are more than worth to spend some money on, you don’t just wanna get something cheap that you will have to be on the look out for, I personally think they do boost one’s confidence.
  • Be in heels that your ‘too’ comfortable with not just because they are expensive or too pretty to leave behind, and this goes mainly for the cocktail parties…. “giiiiiirl you’ll be standing for a long time” and you don’t wanna leave with them swollen feet or barely able to walk to your car. Keep it ‘simple but elegant.
  • Make sure the hair smells good too 😉 not just silky and shiny. Vatika hair moisturiser smells so good and leaves your hair shiny and soft.
  • Saved the best for the last, you definitely shouldn’t be using your phone scrolling down on IG while missing out what you went for, not okay and so many people don’t like that! If there is nothing important on the phone try to have a good time ‘physically’.

Comment below if you liked it, or on something you’d like me to write about next time. KEEP IT SIMPLE BUT ELEGANT.

ps. I bet you didn’t notice I only gave 4 tips.


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