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Dar Gym Marathon 2018

Dar Gym Marathon 2018, Saturday 24th November 2018 (Oysterbay and Masaki). Starting at 6am. View the map here – From 1391 Haile Selassie Rd to 1391 Haile Selassie (10 km)

Marathon season is here and The Dar Gym Marathon 2018 is quickly approaching. We would like all the runners to have a safe and fun time on November 24th 2018. Some post-run rituals are obvious, but there are a few that may not be. That’s why we’re here to help! Check out these important post-run hacks that you wouldn’t wanna skip after any long run or race, especially the Dar Gym Marathon.

Grab a Snack and Hydrate: after the post-race party this can help you gain back those electrolytes! Carbs and proteins are going to get your body back to feeling normal if you can stomach food 20-30 minutes after you finish the race. Not feeling up for eating right after? Grab some Nuun Performance to replenish your glycol levels.

Dar Gym Marathon

Stretch: It’s extremely important to stretch post-run! Stretching the muscles you worked the most, like your hamstrings, calves, quads, and hip flexors, is going to give you the best chance of releasing tension from that long run.

Get a Massage: While you think you might not have access to a willing and able masseuse post-run, a post-run massage will help alleviate the tension and soreness that comes from a long run. The good news? All Dar Gym members can stop by The Rub’s massage tent to receive a reflexology massage, stretching or a back n foot rub after the race at a fixed special rate!

Dar Gym Marathon

Celebrate: You get home from a long run and want to curl up into a ball in the hot shower. While your friends and coworkers probably appreciate you taking a shower right after a run, it’s better for your body and mind to throw a few more steps in there. Doing the right things post-run, especially after a long race, can make your marathon experience so much better. Remember – your run isn’t over until you complete your post-run ritual!. After you take a few minutes to replenish your electrolytes and glycol levels, you can always grab a beer :).

If you are a runner, you know that running has changed your life. It’s not just an activity or exercise, it’s a way of life. While the benefits are numerous, that doesn’t mean running has changed everything. We are still human after all.
#RunForWellness #FeelGood

How to join The Rub Team for Dar Gym Marathon 2018

  1. Register at The Rub Spa for Tsh. 20,000
  2. Register by sending 20,000 Pay by M-Pesa – Lipa Namba (5693951)
  3. Pay for any service(s) worth Tsh.100,000 and get a complementary ticket from The Rub Spa.

For more information call, text or whatsapp +255 784 170 165or email

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