Massages & Scrubs


Relaxation / Swedish

A relaxing and nurturing full body massage working on the superficial layers of the muscles. Designed to calm the nervous system and soothe the soul. With soft aroma oils, your skin and body will be soothed to relaxation.

Deep Tissue / Remedial

A firm to strong therapeutic massage working on the deeper layers of the muscles to ease tension & tightness. Various techniques can be used including sports massage, trigger point therapy, remedial therapy and myofascial release.


Using massage and pressure points on the feet the practitioner can work on the organs and meridians in the body to ease pain and discomfort creating an all over feeling of wellbeing. This is a very grounding and holistic experience.


Massage Pricing

Service Price Time
Full Body Massage (Aroma Therapy) Tsh. 60,000 60mins
Head Massage with hot Oil (1 hr) Tsh. 50,000 60mins
Distress (Neck, shoulders & back) Massage Tsh. 50,000 60mins
Swedish Massage Tsh. 60,000 60mins
Tsh. 30,000 30mins
Deep Tissue Massage Tsh. 80,000 60mins
Tsh. 40,000 30mins
Stimulating hot stone massage Tsh. 80,000 60mins
Couples Massage (2 pax) Tsh. 150,000 75mins
Body Scrub Tsh. 60,000 60mins
Foot Massage (30 Min) Tsh. 20,000 30mins
Couple Massage Tsh. 150,000 75mins


Scrub Pricing

Service Price Time
Scour Scrub Tsh. 60,000 60mins
Natural Scrubs (Magic, Japanese, Singo & Clay) Tsh. 75,000 60mins
Signature scrub Tsh. 80,000 60mins