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Wedding packages

Hi, here is to a two weeks before the wedding day,

As we all hear from the wedded ones that the whole planning thing could be stressful and tiring mostly, but you gotta do what gotta do, the least is to try and enjoy, laugh about the stressful days as it will all lead to one of the most beautiful and biggest day of your life. And as many say the day goes by very fast and it’s best to enjoy every moment of the day. And here is to what will give you more confidence on your big day and a splendid time with now the “hubby” and a different feeling with your skin and body #FeelGood #Relax #Rejuvenate #Confident #Happy #Beautiful

ROUND 1 (day one of week 1)

  • Full body scrub (The Rub Singo)
  • Natural Facial (Products from Zanzibar)
  • Manicure & Pedicure

After 6 days

ROUND 2 (day 7 from day 1)

  • Full body scrub (The Rub Singo)
  • Complimentary face scrub (for the right reasons)
  • Manicure & Pedicure

After 6 days

ROUND 3 (day 13 from day 1)

  • Full body wax
  • Full body scrub (Coconut & Sugar/Cocoa & Sea Salt)
  • Natural Facial (Products from Zanzibar)
  • Acrylics nails/French Manicure (hands only)
  • Pedicure

Body massage is very essential and very needed for a beautiful bride to relax and be ready for THE DAY, and for that you get a free full body massage session.

All in a total of TZS.430,000

PS: Be sure to read our next post for the wedding package benefits, and why you should do it!

#TillNextTime #KeepItSimpleButElegant #;)

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