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Swalha Msabaha Fashion and Beauty Event

It’s been a while, hopefully life in it beauty and fashion has been going on in it’s own amazing way. Grateful to be writing to you again a lot has happened at THE RUB’S end and we are looking forward to more amazing things in life and pushing to give you all back so much good things as we appreciate your support in this journey. Here is a little something that could help you know about this beautiful stylist that we will be going to her workshop this weekend on the OCTOBER 29th 2017, we will be giving tremendous packages and offers to those that will be attending the SWALHA MSABAHA STYLE AND BEAUTY EVENT.

What about fashion and beauty?

Swalha Msabaha is a Tanzanian fashion stylist who has been in the fashion industry for more than a year working with high-end fashion photographers, TV shows and high end profile musicians, a time that has helped her gain credibility as the leading female stylist in Tanzania fashion industry. Some of her services include;

  • Image consultant
  • Special event styling
  • Media programming styling
  • Wardrobe styling
  • Content creator

Swalha’s Style & Beauty Workshop aims to bring women together and educate them on the importance of personal styling, fashion, beauty and to help them gain confidence in what they choose to wear in their everyday life.
In October 29th Swalha’s Style and Beauty will host an event featuring high-end public figures/ influencers such as fashion bloggers, stylists, designers, hair stylists and makeup artists. The event will attract over 250 business and professional women and vendors from different areas of the country.

Purpose of the event

  • To highlight the importance of fashion style and beauty in today’s woman world.
  • A platform celebrating womanhood giving them a chance to showcase their business, shop, interact and exchange ideas among one another.

Join us for The Rub Spa Nails Clinic at the event, get your hands and feet gel application done and get a complimentary manicure set for Tsh.50,000.

About The Rub

The Rub Spa is a beauty salon, day spa and Nails Parlour that’s primarily designed to provide customers with a good feeling in their body, mind and soul. Our services including waxing, tweezing and threading, unisex manicures and pedicures, full range of therapeutic massages, body scrubs and facials.

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